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Steel Pergolas

Steel Pergolas

A steel modern pergola system is an ideal way to extend your home’s interior space outside if your home has a lovely garden or open space. The sitting area, poolside, and walkway may all be made into shaded areas. It’s the perfect location for inviting family and friends to gather for dinner, grill, sunbathe, swim, and do other activities when the weather is lovely and warm.

Some kinds of steel modern pergola systems come with sides; this is an excellent alternative for people who want a private outdoor area for relaxation.

Steel Pergola Manufacturer

Our Aim

A seasoned and potent fabricator, At Sun shade specialises in custom steel modern pergola systems for decorative and architectural applications. We have sizeable professional personnel on our team, including talented designers, technical engineers, knowledgeable technicians, and knowledgeable installers.

Due to our high-precision steel processing techniques, our custom steel modern pergola systems are of the highest quality. They are available in various styles and designs to suit multiple project needs. With our specialised solutions, we assist in enhancing architectural constructions.

Our suppliers and manufacturers have assisted in constructing several sheet steel products, including roofing, cladding, screens, ceilings, railings, and pergolas, to satisfy commercial or industrial needs. We have experience fabricating with various steels, including iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, and aluminium and supplying you with multiple solutions based on your needs.

Modern Steel Pergola

Our Support and Facility

Our planned production schedule and arrangements allow you to run your business more efficiently, increase the likelihood of on-time delivery and assist in meeting construction deadlines. The professionals on our team will do their best to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours if you use the button below to submit us your question or requirement.

We have strong capabilities for steel surface finishing as we have progressed thus far. We also have high-tech machinery for deep-processing steel, including laser cutting, shearing, folding planning, and welding, polishing, grinding, and other processes.

More than 200 individuals are employed domestically and internationally, including more than 30 marketing and sales personnel and 20 senior engineers and technicians with in-depth knowledge of engineering projects and tasks.

We will continue to develop ourselves and build a brighter future with clients, employees, shareholders, and business partners, staying true to the mission! We are motivated to become a well-known architectural steel supplier and manufacturer at home and internationally!

Modern Steel Pergola manufacturer and supplier

Sun shade has been industry-grade supplier and manufacturer of many beautiful steel works and systems for many years. We have created a wide range of standard and custom items widely used for numerous projects, and our products have been sold to multiple customers worldwide. You may set an appointment with our experts to gather more information.

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